Junior Academy

I have taught the Nike Golf camps and schools at Rancho San Joaquin for the last 3 years. Check out our video for the 2013 golf summer camps hosted at Rancho San Joaquin in conjunction with Nike and USSportscamps.com. For more information on how to participate, visit http://www.ussportscamps.com or call 1-(800)-NIKE-CAMP


Junior Golfers

After 20+ years of junior, amateur, collegiate, and professional golf, I have compiled a relatively good list of California, Virginia, D.C. and National organizations that hold tournaments for Junior Golfers. I lived in Northern and Southern California for almost my entire golf career and I currently teach in Virginia. I played on 3 different Junior Tours and 2 different Amateur Tours in Northern California. In Southern California I played collegiate and professional golf. Over the last decade, I have taught hundreds of junior golfers that have played on more than a dozen junior and amateur tours in Southern California, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Here is my list of top Junior Tours in California, Virginia, D.C. and Nationally.


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