California Jr Golf

1. SCPGA Jr Tour – I love this tour. It is a gateway tour to many of the nationally ranked tournaments for juniors looking to go play collegiate golf. Membership is inexpensive and tournaments will cost you anywhere from $40-$200 depending on the difficulty and ranking of the event. If you live in SoCal and would like to get your child into tournament golf, START HERE! The SCPGA also offers the Youth On Course (YOC) program, which allows kids to play over 100+ golf courses in Southern California on off peak hours for ONLY $5.

2. JGANC – The Junior Golf Association of Northern California is the NorCal counter part of the SCPGA Jr. Tour. It also has an inexpensive membership and tournaments ranging from $40-200. If you live in Northern California, this would be your go-to website for junior golf.

3. JAGS Tour – The Junior Amateur Golf Scholars (JAGS) Tour is another good Southern California tour for juniors looking to play collegiate golf. Their membership rates and tournament fees are a little steeper than the SCPGA Jr Tour, but the level of competition is pretty stiff. The nice part about this tour is that your membership rates are decreased for having high academic standing. The better your child does in school, the lower your annual membership fee will be. There are also a number of tournaments hosted at NICE venues, like the Oceanside Junior Challenge held at Arrowhead GC in Oceanside, Ca.

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